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Glendale Steering Repair and Service

Here at Champ's Auto Repair Service in Glendale, AZ we aim to always steer you in the right direction with our special teams, giving you the best of our knowledge and offering you the best service for the best prices.

The two most common types of steering are manual steering racks and power assisted steering racks. Both types can fail and in such cases will need replacing.

Think your steering is faulty?

Potential problem diagnosis'

  • One of the most common steering problems involves a car 'jumping' when it hits a pothole or other uneven segment in the road. It will feel as if someone has dramatically pulled the wheel to the left or right after hitting the pothole.
  • Another common, but thankfully fairly easy to diagnose problem comes with the vehicle either being difficult to steer or having too much play in the steering wheel.
  • When driving, you may notice peculiar pulls or have trouble keeping the vehicle traveling in a straight line. This could mean several problems, but more often than not it is a problem with the alignment. Tire alignment is one of the many services Champ's Auto Repair Service offers.

Whenever it comes to steering problems, it is always safer to fix the problem when you first notice it. Steering problems can quickly become very severe and can become a serious danger for you and your passengers, as well as other dangers on the road. However, you can be assuredChamp's Auto Repair Service will only ever offer the best advice with any help required for your motoring needs.

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