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Automobile AC System Maintenance

The best way to keep repairs to a minimum on your AC system is an annual inspection of your air conditioning system. During an annual inspection, we check for refrigerant leaks and do an inspection of all the system components to avoid potential failures that might require more costly repairs in the future.Signs of Trouble

Not Cooling.Obviously, the most common sign of trouble with your air conditioning is that the air blowing through the vents is warm instead of cool or there is no air blowing at all. Many people assume this means that they are low on refrigerant; although that may be the case, it is not the only possible cause and overcharging an AC system can lead to more serious damage to your system. Proper diagnosis of the cause is essential, before attempting a solution.

Unusual Noises.If the drive belt on your AC compressor is worn or cracked, it can slip or break, causing unusual noises. This can create some serious issues, even beyond your AC system. Bring your vehicle in for inspection promptly at Champ's Auto Repair Service in Glendale, AZ.

Diagnostic Expertise. As stated above, in order to properly repair an air conditioning system, the root cause of the problems need to first be properly diagnosed. Champ's Auto Repair Service is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that can provide quick and accurate diagnostics.

Client Focused Repairs.Champ's Auto Repair Service prides itself on open communication with our clients. Our technicians will review the findings of our diagnostic testing, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding which repairs, if any, you wish us to perform. Clients are also provided with a detailed estimate of expected charges prior to the authorization of work on your vehicle.

20+ Years of Experience.Champ's Auto Repair Service is a locally owned and operated full service auto repair facility, with over 20+ years of experience serving the Phoenix metropolitan area. Air conditioning system maintenance and repair is just one of our many available services.

Air Conditioning Repairs & Service

Get a $17.95 air conditioning check for every make and model car. Your car's air conditioning system is vital to maintaining a comfortable environment while your drive the dusty Phoenix valley air

Nothing can be more frustrating than to turn on your AC and have warm air or very little air flowing through the vents. Champ's Auto Repair Service has the equipment and expertise necessary to keep your air conditioning system maintained and your car's interior atmosphere healthier. If there's a problem, our diagnostics will pinpoint the issue, so that the necessary repairs can be handled quickly and economically.

Call for a $17.95 NO HASSLE estimate

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